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PrintertypeDPIPrinthead numberArticle no.  
Monarch Paxar 982020012011101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9825200KPW-104-8TBB1-MM1 / KPA-104-8TAW1-MM112678301 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 983020012011101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9830300KPA-106-12PAF1-MM311976101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 983520012011101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 984020012011101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9840300KPA-106-12PAF1-MM311976101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9845190100098 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9846190100098 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 985020012055101 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9850300KPA-106-12TAF5-MM12055201 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9855200KPW-104-8TBB1-MM1 / KPA-104-8TAW1-MM112678301 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9860200KPW-104-8TBB1-MM1 / KPA-104-8TAW1-MM112678301 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9401190099425 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9402190099425 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9403200118387 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9474190100098 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9490190115422 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 9494190115422 Quotation
Monarch 9416XL20098-0250133-00 Quotation
Monarch M09850300KPA-106-12TAF1-MM212678401 Quotation
Monarch M09855300KPA-106-12TAF1-MM212678401 Quotation
Monarch M09860300KPA-106-12TAF1-MM212678401 Quotation
Monarch M09825300KPA-106-12TAF1-MM212678401 Quotation
Monarch M09906300KPA-106-12TAF1-MM212678401 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 636300TDK LH6404LK05351102 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 640200 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 642200 Quotation
Monarch Paxar 6763005371102 Quotation

Monarch Paxar® is a registered trademark. Thermalprinthead.eu is not associated with Monarch Paxar®, and our product have not been endorsed by this company.

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