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PrintertypeDPIPrinthead numberArticle no.  
Valentin Compa 104-8200KF2004-GL41C37.04.1025 Quotation
Valentin Compa 104-8200KF2004-GL41C37.04.1026 Quotation
Valentin Compa II 106-12300KHT-107-12PAJ137.04.2315 Quotation
Valentin Compa 106A300KHT-107-12PAJ137.04.2315A Quotation
Valentin Compa 162-1230037.04.1625 Quotation
Valentin Compa 162A30037.04.1625A Quotation
Valentin Compa 162-12T30037.04.1625 Quotation
Valentin Vario DT200KM2004-A337.04.102 Quotation
Valentin Vario TT200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin Vario II DT200KM2004-A337.04.102 Quotation
Valentin Vario II TT200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin Vario II 300dpi300KHT-107-12MPT1 / KHT-107-12TAJ1-VA37.04.107 Quotation
Valentin Vario 104 DT200KM2004-A337.04.102 Quotation
Valentin Vario 104 TT200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin Vario 107300KHT-107-12MPT1 / KHT-107-12TAJ1-VA37.04.107 Quotation
Valentin Vita 104/820037.04.1155 Quotation
Valentin Vita 106/12300KHT-107-12PAJ137.04.2315A Quotation
Valentin Vita II 104/820037.04.1156 Quotation
Valentin Vita II 106/1230037.04.2326 Quotation
Valentin Vita II 106/2460037.04.2345 Quotation
Valentin Vita II 103/820037.04.1027 Quotation
Valentin Vita II 108/12T30037.04.2335 Quotation
Valentin Desco 106200KHT-106-8MPE1-VA37.04.110 Quotation
Valentin Desco II DT200KM2004-A337.04.102 Quotation
Valentin Desco II TT200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin Desco II 200dpi200KHT-106-8MPE1-VA37.04.110 Quotation
Valentin Desco II 300dpi300KHT-107-12MPT1 / KHT-107-12TAJ1-VA37.04.107 Quotation
Valentin Duoprint 107-12300KCE-107-12PAT237.04.1010 Quotation
Valentin Duoprint 160-12300KCE-160-12PAJ237.04.1600 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode 53300KCE-53-12PAJ237.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode 53300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.53 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode 107300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode II 128/12300KCE-128-12PAT2-VA37.04.1283 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode IP300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.53 Quotation
Valentin Flexicode 53/12300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin SPE 104200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin SPE 104 TT200KM2004-B337.04.1021 Quotation
Valentin SPE 106 DT200KM2004-A337.04.102 Quotation
Valentin SPE 106 300KHT-107-12MPT1 / KHT-107-12TAJ1-VA37.04.107 Quotation
Valentin SPE 107300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin SPE 108300KF3004-GM50B37.04.100 Quotation
Valentin SPE 160300KCE-160-12PAJ237.04.160 Quotation
Valentin SPE 162300KF3006-GM50A37.04.162 Quotation
Valentin DPM I200KBE-104-8MGK1-VA37.04.108 Quotation
Valentin DPM II300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin DPM IIIc 107mm300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin DPM IIIc 53mm300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.53 Quotation
Valentin DPM IIIi 107mm300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin DPM III xi 53mm300KCE-53-12PAJ237.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin DPM II 128300KCE-128-12PAJ1-VA37.04.128 Quotation
Valentin Easy Print 53300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.53 Quotation
Valentin Easy Print 53 with nose300KCE-53-12PAJ1-VA37.04.53 Quotation
Valentin Easy Print 128300KCE-128-12PAJ2-VA37.04.128 Quotation
Valentin Genio 104 N200N104-8E-SA37.04.105 Quotation
Valentin Genio 104 NP200NP104-8E-SA37.04.104 Quotation
Valentin Genio 216300KF3008-GD32A37.04.218 Quotation
Valentin Micra 104-820037.04.114 Quotation
Valentin Micra 106-1230037.04.113 Quotation
Valentin Optimo 128300KCE-128-12PAJ2-VA37.04.128 Quotation
Valentin Optimo 150300KCE-160-12PAJ237.04.160 Quotation
Valentin Optimo 213300KCE-213-12PAJ237.04.220 Quotation
Valentin Pica II 103/820037.04.1027 Quotation
Valentin Pica 104 200dpi200KF2004-GC41C37.04.1022 Quotation
Valentin Pica 108 300KF3004-GD41B37.04.1081 Quotation
Valentin Solo 51200KHT-51-8MPE1-VA37.04.051 Quotation
Valentin Solo 80200KHT-80-8MPU1-VA37.04.081 Quotation
Valentin SPX I 104-820037.04.1157 Quotation
Valentin SPX I 106-1230037.04.2318 Quotation
Valentin SPX I+II 162-1230037.04.1627 Quotation
Valentin Spectra 107300KCE-107-12MPT2-VA / KCE-107-12PAT2-VA37.04.101 Quotation
Valentin Spectra 108300KF3004-GM50B37.04.100 Quotation
Valentin Spectra 160300KCE-160-12PAJ237.04.160 Quotation
Valentin Spectra 162300KF3006-GM50A37.04.162 Quotation
Valentin Spectra 216300KF3008-GD32A37.04.218 Quotation
Valentin Compa II 104-820037.04.1158 Quotation
Valentin Compa II 108-1230037.04.2337 Quotation
Valentin SPX I+II 108-1230037.04.2338 Quotation
Valentin Vario III 108/12T30037.04.2330 Quotation
Valentin Vario III 107/2460037.04.2340 Quotation
Valentin Vario III 107/1230037.04.2320 Quotation
Valentin Vario III 104/830037.04.1150 Quotation
Valentin Vario III 103/8T 20037.04.1020 Quotation
Valentin SPX II 103-820037.04.1029 Quotation
Valentin Spectra II 106/24 60037.04.2348 Quotation
Valentin SPX II 106-2460037.04.2348 Quotation
Valentin 568 ILS/VIL20037.04.0561 Quotation
Valentin 808 ILS/VIL 20037.04.0851 Quotation
Valentin DPM IIIxi / DPM IIIc / Dynacode 107/1230037.04.1013 Quotation
Valentin DPM IIIxi / DPM IIIc / Dynacode 107/12 longlife30037.04.1015 Quotation
Valentin ILS 54/1230037.04.0541 Quotation
Valentin ILS 81/1230037.04.0861 Quotation
Valentin ILX 81/1230037.04.0866 Quotation
Valentin ILX 80/820037.04.0856 Quotation
Valentin Pica II 106/1230037.04.2326 Quotation
Valentin Pica II 104/820037.04.1156 Quotation
Valentin Pica II 108/12T30037.04.2335 Quotation
Valentin Compa II 106/2460037.04.2347 Quotation
Valentin Compa II 162/1230037.04.1625B Quotation
Valentin Compa II 103/820037.04.1025B Quotation
Valentin Spectra II 103/820037.04.2351 Quotation
Valentin Spectra II 108/1230037.04.1001 Quotation
Valentin Spectra II 162/1230037.04.1621 Quotation
Valentin Spectra II 21630037.04.218A Quotation
Valentin Dynacode 53mm30037.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode 107mm300KCE-107-12PAT237.04.1010 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode II 128mm300KCE-128-12PAT2-VA37.04.1280 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode II 53mm30037.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode II 107mm300KCE-107-12PAT237.04.1010 Quotation
Valentin Dynacode I 128mm300KCE-128-12PAT2-VA37.04.1280 Quotation
Valentin Flexicode 53/1230037.04.0535 Quotation
Valentin DPM III Xi300KCE-128-12PAT2-VA37.04.1283 Quotation
Valentin Compa 104A20037.04.1025A Quotation

Valentin® is a registered trademark. Thermalprinthead.eu is not associated with Valentin®, and our product have not been endorsed by this company.

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