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PrintertypeDPIPrinthead numberArticle no.  
Imaje 2000 104mm 200dpi200KF2004-GM41C338216 Quotation
Imaje 2000 104mm 300dpi300KF3004-GM41E338217 Quotation
Imaje 2000 HC kit 168mm200KF2006-GM41C338218 Quotation
Imaje 5210 serie300KCE-53-12MPT1 B68 Quotation
Imaje 5220 serie300KCE-53-12MPT1 B68Quotation
Imaje 5230 serie300KCE-53-12MPT1 B68 Quotation
Imaje 5240 serie300KCE-53-12MPT1 B68 Quotation
Imaje 5410 serie300KCE-107-12PAJ2-ISA Quotation
Imaje 5420 serie300KCE-107-12PAJ2-ISA Quotation
Imaje 5430 serie300KCE-107-12PAJ2-ISA Quotation
Imaje 5440 serie300KCE-107-12PAJ2-ISA Quotation
Imaje MP6000200KTH-0029 Quotation
Imaje S7 Mega300ENR16101/C 013170516A Quotation
Imaje S18 / 8018 serie200KCE-32-12PAT1 CIJ10018596
Imaje 2220 serie 56mm200 Quotation
Imaje 2230 serie 54mm300 Quotation
Imaje 2420 serie 104mm200 Quotation
Imaje 2430 serie 108mm300 Quotation
Imaje 2620 serie 168mm200 Quotation
Imaje 2630 serie 162mm300 Quotation
Imaje 2000 Rohm long life300ENM338931 Quotation
Imaje 2000 (54mm)300KD3002-DC72BENM338221 Quotation

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